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 請致電或Whatsapp 9272 9293 (陳小姐)洽 或 電郵到 info@bestgreen.com.hk

About Us

Our company provide control and eradicate a broad range of pest in domestics and commercial environment including cockroach, termite, rat, flea, mite, ant, fly, mosquito and other vector pests.

With experienced technicians to solve your pest problems by delivering consistently thorough and complete service each and every time, using the latest management and equipment to give you the most effective treatment and Integrated pest management advise.

All insecticides used are government approved and environmental friendly applying with right product for the right treatments of your specific and particular needs.

We offer termite pest free survey and guarantee.

Thanks for your valuable support, for estimate and immediate assistance

Please contact us at M/P or Whatsapp to 9272 9293 (Ms Chan) or email to info@bestgreen.com.hk